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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tol Barad Mining Route - Elementium Ore & Pyrite Ore Farming Path

Tol Barad is not the best zone for mining.  However, combined with farming for embersilk cloth, running daily quests, and Herbalism, the combination of the three can make it a decent World of Warcraft gold producer. 

The main problem with Tol Barad Peninsula and Tol Barad itself is that you can only use your ground mount -- no flying.  And though the mining nodes tend to be close together, they are at times difficult to reach, especially given the high density of humanoid npcs in the zone.  But, if you are interested in doing the dailies on Tol Barad peninsula, the mining route in Tol Barad can sync right in.

The other benefit of mining in Tol Barad is that it is the only zone that can produce Rich Pyrite Ore veins, and it seems that the incidence of Pyrite is much higher than other zones (Twilight Highlands and Uldum) that can produce Pyrite ore nodes.

The Blue line on the diagram represents the ideal Elementium and Pyrite Ore farming path, though, the nodes are fairly distributed throughout each zone anywhere that there is a gradient in the landscape.  You certainly won't want to come here just to mine, but if you can combine it with Herbalism (there are two nice Herb routes in this zone that are much easier to farm than the mining nodes) and with Dailies / Embersilk farming, you can end up making a lot of gold for your WoW account.