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Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Get to the Proving Grounds Entrance in World of Warcraft - No Map Required Patch 5.4

To get to the Proving Grounds, simply visit your class Trainer. You must be level 90 to enter the Proving Grounds. The alternative method to enter the Proving Grounds is to visit the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit and talk with the NPC there. This is the physical location of the solo instance. Again, you must be level 90 to access this instance. You will be able to access this instance when Patch 5.4 is released.

Visit Your class Trainer to get to the Proving Grounds in World of Warcraft
Proving Grounds Entrance

 What is the Proving Grounds?

Basically, the Proving Grounds is a solo instance that you may enter at level 90 that allows you to practice the skills associated with grouping with a group of NPC allies. There will be statistics and achievements associated with the instance that will enable you to sharpen your skills by comparing previous attempts at the instance with current attempts. You'll be able to adjust the difficulty level -- Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Endless -- and, perhaps, tweak your gear to best sustain the instance.

This instance should see a lot of interest given that it will be a low-stress environment (no equipment durability loss, no worrying about keeping other people happy, etc) that will enable players to get better. It's still going to be a lot more fun to play with other people, but, sometimes there is a place for a single-player experience that still has a group-vibe to it.

Some have suggested that this is an attempt by Blizzard to gauge player's interest in the solo-instance experience (with an NPC support group). As WoW continues to age and continues to intimidate new players, allowing for varying game-play styles will only help to keep more players happy in the long run. Hopefully the balance will be such that it will always be preferable in a min/max setting to group with other players, but that you can still have fun (and experiment a little more) in the solo environment.

Good Luck getting the best score in the Proving Grounds! May your Endless Proving Ground mode adhere to the spirit of eternity.