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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where to mine? Uldum or Deepholm?

Mount Hyjal Mining Route
Vashj'ir Mining Route
Deepholm Mining Route
Uldum Mining Route
Twilight Highlands Mining Route

Mount Hyjal Herbalism Route
Vashj'ir Azshara's Veil and Stormvine Route
Deepholm Heartblossom Route
Uldum Whiptail Route
Twilight Highlands Twilight Jasmine Route

Upon reaching level 82 earlier today, I took the ride to Deepholm given rumors of it being a miner's paradise.  Indeed, it is probably the superior spot between it and Uldum given that the one mining route in Uldum is already getting clogged with farmers.  The mining spawns are everywhere in Deepholm with the added bonus of having some isolated Obsidium nodes to go along with a plethora of Elementium nodes.  One notable difference between the zones:  I don't think Pyrite spawns in Deepholm, whereas it spawns about 1 in 20 nodes in Uldum.

The real reason to be mining in Deepholm right now are those Obsidium nodes, given that Obsidium is going for three times what Elementium currently fetches on my realm and that they are a pain to farm in the starting zones of the expansion.  It's going to be interesting to see if there is an absolute over-supply of ores/herbs given Blizzard's decision to make gathering a viable way to level your character.  Though it is slower than questing, the money is better, which could lead to an oversupply...which, of course, would lead to gathering being not as profitable which would lower the number of players who chose to do it.  Such is an economy.  Still, gathering skills just got a lot more viable with this expansion, and given the general lack of depth in the World of Warcraft economy, I'm hoping Blizzard didn't overlook the possibility that it made some professions irrelevant with the complete glut of farmed items possible on the auction house.

I'm burnt out on mining though.  I much prefer to be an auction house player, but I like to get out and about at the beginning of an expansion and see what it has to offer.  Really, just pick something for the next few days and go farm it.  Cloth, herbs, ore, leather, other specialty farm-ables.  It's quick, easy money if you've got a character that is at 80+.  Even green items are going for 100g or more a pop at the moment.  Of course, if you have a web of professions set up, be first in time to the stuff players really want and you can retire to a nice cottage in the Hinterlands.

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