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Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Get to Blackfathom Deeps Location in World of Warcraft

Blackfathom Deeps is a great low level instance, but it can be a little tricky to find if you aren't using the dungeon-finder tool to automatically teleport you there. Firstly, you need to be at least level 15 to enter the dungeon, and if you are using the dungeon-finding tool, you'll only be matched with a group if you are level 20-30.  If you are interested in farming the instance solo, attaining an achievement, or perhaps helping an alternate character or low level friend find some great gear, follow the numbered steps below to safely and quickly arrive at the Blackfathom Deeps entrance in World of Warcraft.

  1. Get to the Northwest area of Ashenvale, which is in the west central of the western continent of Kalimdor.  Blackfathom Deeps is labeled clearly on the in-game map for you.
  2. Find the following along the beach with naga patrolling it:
Find this building to locate the entrance to the World of Warcraft Dungeon: Blackfathom Deeps
Look for this building on the beach in Western Ashenvale

 3. When you enter into the main room in this building, fall into the water at the bottom.  There is a short underwater tunnel that will lead you to the cave.  If you can't find it, simply follow the stairs from above water.  It will be in the same directions as the stairs.

4. When you are inside the cave, your minimap should display as below.  The "E" represents the entrance, the arrow represents your destination. Follow the dotted red line to get to the Blackfathom deeps portal. There will be many naga to defeat along this path, so you will want to make sure to wait for support if you are having a higher level help you through.
Use the minimap to follow the red dots to the portal to Blackfathom Deeps
E = Entrance, Arrow = Blackfathom Deeps portal
 5. The tip that will save you headaches trying to find the entrance through the labyrinth of tunnels down here:  simply follow the main tunnel and make a hard left at the red arrow.

Blackfathom Deeps is a rich, colorful, gold-filled dungeon that all World of Warcraft players should experience at least once in their gaming career.

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