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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to get to Firelands Entrance - World of Warcraft patch 4.2

In order to access Firelands / Molten Front content in World of Warcraft's patch 4.2, you want to pick up the  quest at the main portal area in your capital city before going through the portal into Mount Hyjal and you'll want to check the Stormwind/Orgrimmar quest board.   When you arrive in Mount Hyjal, find Thrall (he's near nordrassil) and turn in the quest you picked up before entering the portal from your home city.  You are now on one of the quest chains, which is kind of lengthy and involves protecting Thrall and his lady-friend from various evil elementals.  A little tip on completing these quests: work with other players...all you need to do is put a few points of damage on the creature to get credit for it.  So if you are a healer, get out an insta-cast damage spell and tag them.  When you've completed that quest chain,  go to the Sanctuary of Malorne (as prompted by the quest you pulled off of your city's quest board) in Mount Hyjal to begin the next set of pre-quests, or you may need to do more questing before actually accessing the Firelands prequest dailies.  See below for details.  If you'd like to read a Review of Firelands Dailies and an Inspirational Message, you should click here.  It may be just the sort of encouragement you need.

Special Note:  If you are just looking for the Raid Entrance to Firelands, simply go to the portal on the north side of Sulforon Spire in Mount Hyjal.  You need to be in a raid to enter here.

Less Special Note:  If you've arrived in the Molten Front of the Firelands already, you may want to check out the Firelands Dailies Guide

Quest board location in Org
If you did not complete most of the Mount Hyjal quests when you were leveling, you are going to need to go back and complete them.  The quest you picked up from your city's quest board should tell you who you need to "protect" in order to Reclaim the Regrowth and gain access to the firelands prequest dailies.   You need approximately 84/115 quests completed when you check your achievement pane for Mount Hyjal.  If you didn't make it that far, you will need to go back and do those quests in order to complete the quest (found on your city's quest board) that allows you to do Firelands dailies.  The areas that you'll need to complete will be:  Shrine of Goldrinn, Shrine of Aviana, The Regrowth, and Grove of Aessina, each corresponding to one of the Guardians that you need to "protect" in order to complete the prerequisite for the Firelands dailies.
Quest Board location in Stormwind

When you finally do get to the dailies in Mount Hyjal, they are located in the area of Hyjal called "Sanctuary of Malorne" in the SW of the map.  It looks like you will need to accrue 20 Marks of the World Tree before you can enter Firelands / Molten Front, which will take a few days of running the dailies there.  The first day you should be able to accrue 12 marks, and each subsequent day you will get 4 marks.  On the third day after you begin the Firelands pre-quest dailies, you will have accumulated 20 marks and will be able to complete the quest that leads to progress into the next phase of the Firelands quest chain.  At the end of day 3 after you've done all the dailies in the Firelands and at the Sanctuary of Malorne, you should have 25 marks of the World Tree.  Take a look at the Firelands Dailies Guide when you've finally made it. And the World of Warcraft tumbles onward.

So, to summarize your World of Warcraft patch 4.2 Firelands pre-quest experience, the quest that you pick up near the portals can be done without having completed the necessary original quests in Mount Hyjal.  However, to ultimately be granted access to the Firelands, you will need the original quest line up to Reclaiming the Regrowth.  This will take approximately 84 quests completed in Mount Hyjal (it actually only takes about 3 hours to run through at level 85, so it isn't too daunting).

Once you get to Firelands, Daily quests will open slowly as you collect Mark of the Worldtree currency from the initial daily quests that are available to you.  Just like other faction/currency grinds, you will eventually gain access to lots of great gear and toys.  The reported difference between the Firelands daily quest grind and previous such grinds is that you will use your currency to open new quest hubs and that you will actually use gold to purchase items when they become available to you.  This is a better balance toward allowing players to do what they want after they've completed the initial reputation/mark of the worldtree grind instead of forcing them to run the dailies ad nauseum to continue to accrue the specific currency needed.  Though, calculations on message boards and forums are showing that it will take well over a month of daily grinding to gain access to all items offered at the pre-raid vendor level in Firelands.

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  1. Exactly the info I needed. This is what I had originally believed to be true, but then a friend said he had 150 marks and it was his first day running those quests. I spent the next thirty minutes trying to find what I was missing. Now I know for sure that he was feeding me BS.

  2. but when i have do those quest how do i come to firelands, i mean if it's a portal or a gate?
    (want the spider)

  3. Helped me alot. Just 20 minutes after doing the first quest in the Chain at the Firelands portal place I have done all the dailies, awesome :)

  4. My guild leader grinded our guild to lev 22 almost entirely solo by doing quests and achieves lol she knew all this stuff but has been offline for 8 months, i just got back online and a RL friend and i have taken temp controll of guiild to carry on her work till she returns and i want to make her proud. this info MOST DEFF HELPS!!!!! ;~))) TY TY TY TY TY TY TY TY TY TY TY TY

    Allexandrena, -Tamers Union- realm: Bronzbeard