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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shadow Wardens vs. Druids of the Talon - Which to Choose

The short answer is:  Pick either one.  Many players have veered toward Shadow Wardens because the daily quest chain takes a little less time to complete.  When you've completed each 150 Mark of the World Tree quests (both Shadow Wardens and Druids of the Talon), you will have a choice each day on which quests you want to do.

The long answer:  When you've accumulated your 150 Marks of the World Tree during your first week or so of running dailies in the Molten front, you'll have a decision to make.  Much like Rebecca Black's internationally renowned hit "Friday", you may be thinking to yourself -- Which one do I choose?  Chairman Zillionaire first suggests that you take a long, hard look at your life.  Then, follow this advice:  If you would choose to sit in the front seat, then pick Shadow Wardens.  If, rather, you would choose to sit in the back seat, pick Druids of the Talon.  Now, there may be a connotation of "front being better than back" laced here, but sincerely, you shouldn't think of it that way.  If you're in the front seat, you've got a better view.  If you're in the back seat, you'll be with your friends, so you don't need the better view.

What we're saying is that this is a win/win situation.  Whether you choose to start with Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Wardens, you will need to complete the other set in about a week too.  So, you can ride to school in the back seat with your friends, but then you can ride home in the front seat with the awesome view.  Accumulating your next 150 Marks of the World Tree will go much faster than accumulating the first 150 because more daily quests will be open to you.  And before you know it, it'll be Friday again, which comes right after Thursday and right before Saturday, and you'll be faced with new challenges of the Firelands.

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  1. that was a crap review

  2. What! I'd like to see you do better. Here at Zillionaire industries, we treat each review as if it may be our last. Maybe you just didn't understand the review. I'll condense it down for those who would rather read the short version: It doesn't matter which path you choose. You could take the bus, you could kick it in the front seat with the spectacular view, or you could squeeze into the back seat where you you'd be with your friends. Regardless of whether you choose Shadow Wardens or Druids of the Talon, you're a winner. Let me repeat, you are a WINNER! And when we are all winners, there's no need to spread anonymous hate. So, if you are a winner, you go out there and choose one or the other. The only way you'll ever be a loser is if you step in front of the school bus. And that just isn't one of the choices. You can sit in the front seat, or you can sit in the back seat. End of story.

  3. still no help at all. Why don't you try and explain the benefits of each. Also, if there are no benefits to either or of the quest chains than please explain why you need them both.

  4. Because he SAID SO...
    That's why.....