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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Molten Front / Firelands Dailies Guide and Tips

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So, it's day 3 (or 33) of running Firelands prequest dailies in World of Warcraft's patch 4.2 and you've finally acquired 20 Mark of the World Tree to open the portal into Firelands, or you've collected your 300th and you are well toasted from the copious time spent in the inferno. (Note: If you are looking for info on how to get to firelands, follow this link.)  In order to confirm that you've actually reached the Firelands, follow these steps:
  1. Look carefully at your surroundings.  Is everything either on fire or recently charred? 
If you answered yes to question 1, it is very likely that you've reached the Molten Front of the Firelands WoW 4.2 patch and that you are on your way with the dailies grind.  Click here to read a Review of Firelands Dailies and an Inspirational Message .

A few quick tips:
  • Be sure to check the vendor in the little cave at the beginning.  There are some level 365 epic items for sale on it from day one.
  • Note that the portal to Mount Hyjal is two-way, meaning you can come and go as you please.
  • Be sure to check the Regrowth area of Mount Hyjal and the Molten Front of Firelands for daily quests each day.  After the first day of adventuring in the Firelands, you should have 25 Mark of the World Tree.  After the second day adventuring in the Firelands, you should have 39 Mark of the World Tree. So, you'll be accumulating 14 Mark of the World Tree daily while you are grinding your first 150 Marks.
  • When you finally accumulate 150 and choose to help either Shadow Wardens (recommended) or Druids of the Talon, you'll be accumulating 25 marks of the world tree daily on your way to completing the next 150 marks you need to get.
  • Be sure to stay hydrated.  Spending a lot of time in a dry environment such as the Firelands will quickly dehydrate you.  Water is typically your best alternative.  
  • When completing quests, be as cutthroat as possible.  If you see someone fighting near a quest objective, quickly sidle in while they have the mob occupied and complete your quest.  If someone tries to do this to you, natural instinct would be to berate the other player.  From a time-management standpoint, this doesn't make sense.  Simply move on and try to be smarter about letting others do the work for you.
  • If after a week or two of grinding dailies you are starting to feel burned out, don't worry about it.  You are in the Firelands after all, you are supposed to feel a little singed.  If, on the other hand you are feeling burned out in the World of Warcraft experience, don't sweat it.  Turn off the computer for a few days.  It isn't going anywhere.