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World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Beta Competition: How fast can you make 25,000 gold in World of Warcraft? NEW! January-March 2012
Recap of Alpha Competition December 2010

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Monday, November 15, 2010

World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Alpha Competition - Hour 8

Stormwind City, Auction House - All of the sudden it has gotten hard to breathe in the Auction House.  It feels like every time my gold count goes up, it drops back even further as I add new purchases to the inventory that haven't sold.  I'm currently riding below 100 gold liquid, which puts significant limits on flipping anything except individual items that are very underpriced.

I managed to find another good level 80 epic ring: Signet of the Accord .  Got it for 150 buyout and relisted it at 450 buyout.  It is a tanking ring, so I think it will be a little harder to sell than the Signet of Edward the Odd, but it still *should* sell at that price, or, if I get desperate, around 300.

Top Assets after 8 hours
More Assets
More Assets
Some other successes from this hour include nearly 200 Relic of Ulduar at half market price.  These things are an absolute gold mine on my old server, and they certainly are on this new one too.  When people need the Sons of Hodir faction, they plunk down a lot of gold for a lot of relics in order to complete it.  I wonder if some of the faction items from Burning Crusade still sell well for those looking to complete Exalted faction quests.  Will have to be a market I explore in the future given how frequently people dump the Relic of Ulduar cheaply and in large quantity.  I saw a few Fel Armament at well below market price, but didn't budge for having less than 15 gold liquid at that moment.

A couple other nice finds were a stack of Truesilver Bar for 20g that I flipped for 95g and two stacks of Void Crystal for under 20g a stack that should fetch at least double and probably triple based on AH prices.

Total Assets after 8 hours:  About 2000 gold

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