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World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Beta Competition: How fast can you make 25,000 gold in World of Warcraft? NEW! January-March 2012
Recap of Alpha Competition December 2010

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Alpha Competition - Hour 18

Ironforge, Auction House -  I found a Spiked Titansteel Helm for 110g that I flipped for 400g.  Other successes this hour include my first Glyph flip - Glyph of Immolate from 3g to 20g, and a couple green jewelcraft items too.  During the next challenge I intend to become more familiar with what might be able to be flipped in the glyph and jewelcraft markets.

Made a mistake this hour by being a little bit lazy with Auctioneer.  Instead of looking up the Small Radiant Shard prices, I relied on Auctioneer's Search function when it said that it found some of them with a 10g or more profit margin.  Problem was that there were a *ton* listed below my purchase price that didn't quite meet the threshold of 10g profit per the Search boundaries.  Not a big mistake, but something to keep an eye out for, especially early on when liquid gold is tight and mistakes are magnified.

I've had a lot of success flipping the following four items:  Swiftthistle, Briarthorn, Mountain Silversage, and Icecap.  All herbs, all with low deposit fees, and each seems to be posted to the AH in incomplete stacks by individuals just looking to get rid of it.  Along with a few other herbs, I keep collecting them and reposting when I have a full stack, usually at 100-200% profit.

At the end of this hour I was turned into a turkey thanks to the holiday event.  Given that the turkey was first choice to be the national bird (until someone decided that an Eagle would be better) of the U.S., and the U.S. was supposed to be (until the 20th century at least) all about unfettered capitalism, I chose to wear my feathers with pride.  Rotund, flightless birds may not make the best national mascots, but if the turkey would have led us down a straighter path of non-interference in our nation's economy, I would have used the Hanzo Sword I can't seem to sell to carve the proponents of the eagle back to their communes.

Total Assets after 18 hours: About 6400 gold

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