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World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Beta Competition: How fast can you make 25,000 gold in World of Warcraft? NEW! January-March 2012
Recap of Alpha Competition December 2010

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Alpha Competition - Hour 22

Ironforge, Auction House - I can taste the end game.  I'm up over 7500 liquid gold, though my asset stash is sagging.  I'd envisioned hitting the end of this challenge with 5000-6000 in assets yet to be sold along with the 10k liquid gold, but, I think I'm going to just kinda fall over the finish line with very little in net worth beyond the liquid gold.  I've already noticed that I'm completely unwilling to take on something that looks like it might sit for more than a few days.

I'm really surprised I got to this point as quickly as I did.  Somewhere in the mix I must've had some really decent hours that I wasn't fully accounting for in my end-of-hour estimates.  I definitely have some fatigue in-game and in writing about it.  I sincerely need to find a way to show all of my transactions with a nice spreadsheet rather than trying to pick out the few that stood out during the hour.  But the add-ons I keep trying either seem to be broken of not what I'm looking for.  Really, I just need to access the info that is stored in Auctioneer's Beancounter.  I don't consider it any great accomplishment, but I think there may be a few skeptics out there who say that making 10k gold in under 30 hours of /played time isn't possible.  Having the empirical data would help quiet any doubters.

And again, going to the timing of this challenge:  I really think if you knew the WoW Auction House market well, you could complete this challenge without any sort of obscene luckiness in 15 hours of /played time.  I'd even perhaps believe 10 hours.  Anything less and I'd be a real skeptic (unless someone managed to pull off the conceptual equivalent of a  hyacinth macaw swindle I mentioned a few posts back).

I'm also thinking that people might be more inclined to take up this challenge if we removed the "Random server, Random Faction" from the rules.  Who wants to make 10k gold on a realm you are never going to play on again?  Yeah, it standardizes the challenge a little better, but the challenge is on our honor to begin with, so there isn't much sense to doing it on a fresh server.  It takes some of the romance out of it, but, I'll trade a little bit of romance for 10k in the bank to spend on my main character after the competition is over.

One good thing from this hour:  My Aviary Guardsman's Hauberk collection has finally started to move.  I ended up with 7 of them in my bags.  Have sold 3 this hour of /played time for 38 gold a piece.   Sometimes it just takes holding an item until the market clears.  Which reminds me of another incident this hour:  Saw two Hat of Wintry Doom for 29g a piece.  Didn't want two, so I decided to wait and hope one sold somewhere else and then grab the last one.  I know it is wimpy, but I'm trying to be very thin with taking on inventory this late in the challenge:  I want absolute diversification where possible.  Surprisingly, I was able to do it.  One apparently sold, I grabbed the other one and relisted it at 75g.  We'll see what happens.

Total Assets after 22 hours:  About 11,000 gold

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