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World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Beta Competition: How fast can you make 25,000 gold in World of Warcraft? NEW! January-March 2012
Recap of Alpha Competition December 2010

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Alpha Competition - Hour 20

Ironforge, Auction House - For this hour, I decided to do an audit of myself.  When I realized that I had more than 5000 liquid gold, I realized that maybe I've been under-estimating my total assets as I've been working up:  Maybe I'm closer than I thought.  I wrestled with a program that would have allowed me to show all the data BeanCounter has recorded.  It seems to be out of date, so if anyone knows a gnome who could fix it for me, it'd be great for showing exactly what I did during the competition.

As it stands, I took a snapshot in time with a bunch of screenshots.  Tallying everything up, it looks like I have:

Gold = 5537
Assets = 4225 listed, 250 in bags unlisted, 4475 total
Total Assets = 10,012 gold

I just tallied this up and had no idea it would be such a perfect looking tally.  My /played time is 20 hours, 54 minutes at this point and I've reached the 10k asset level.  I've still got some reselling to do, but suddenly coming in under 30 hours looks like it is a possibility.  Some of those items are overpriced and won't sell for what I'm asking, but, conservatively, I wouldn't have any problem saying I have over 9000 gold in assets.

Total Assets after 20 hours (almost 21 hours) : 10,012 gold

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