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World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Beta Competition: How fast can you make 25,000 gold in World of Warcraft? NEW! January-March 2012
Recap of Alpha Competition December 2010

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

World of Warcraft Gold Challenge: Alpha Competition - Hour 24

Ironforge, Auction House - Success is just a breath away.  As you can see from the graphic, I've only got 350 gold to go.  I made my last purchases (a Brain Hacker for 30g and a Diamond Hammer for 4g, relisted them for 95g and 29g respectively), and logged out for (hopefully) the last time.  I'm going to let my auctions soak until late this evening and see if that pushes me over the 10k gold mark.

I've got about 2000 gold in non-gold assets.  I figure that close to 350 should sell, especially given that this is a weekend and there ought to be more people playing today.  If I log in tonight and I'm not over the threshhold, I'll check to see if I can vendor the rest of my stuff to get there, or if I could lower prices to ridiculously low levels so they'd be snatched up quickly.

I really didn't think early on that I'd be able to get this done in under 25 hours.  Just shows you the power of the Auction House in helping to make World of Warcraft gold.

Total Assets after 24 hours: About 11900 gold

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